Porch extensions – what type of windows to use?

UPVC PORCHOne of the most elegant elements that make trendy interiors and beautiful exteriors are windows and doors, this is especially true when you have a highly visible feature like a porch at the front of your house.

While you may choose among several alternatives, upvc windows continue to be one of the highly preferred choices. These are windows that you can install in your porch that can withstand extended use and exposure to environmental factors like sunlight, water, etc.

Many people buy upvc windows due to so many benefits that they deliver. For instance, you don’t need to spend a lot in installation as they easily adjust within the frames. Since they are made of different colours & finishes, you also have the liberty to pick one that matches your  personal preferences.

Furthermore, different types of porch windows make them even more attractive for buyers. Here are 3 Options for UPVC Porches.

Different window design options

Double Hung Windows

upvc porchesOne of the most popular types of replacement windows are double hung windows. By design, these are divided into two horizontal parts that are independent of each other. Both the parts cannot be opened or closed simultaneously, rather one at a time.

You can choose among varying mechanisms, such as those that move up and down, open in front of, or behind the other part; thus allowing occupants to use them the way they please. These are truly a contemporary addition in your home’s deccor.

Horizontal Slider Windows

Contemporary and magnificent, horizontal slider windows symbolize tranquility. These are divided into two vertical parts but slide in horizontal direction. This type of replacement window is usually large in size and can be installed in any room of your house.

Be it the living room, bedroom, study room, or kitchen, horizontal slider windows look perfect wherever they are installed.

Awning Windows

Most commonly installed in the kitchen, awning windows give homes the elegance that many people wish for. However, these are certainly not specific to only the kitchen. In fact, you can install them anywhere and feel good about the stylish decor that they deliver. These are windows that move in a horizontal direction and open half way so that there is cross ventilation, plus security against intruders is maintained.

Commonly Used Materials

Three materials are most commonly used in the manufacturing of replacement windows. These are wood, vinyl (UPVC) and aluminum. Wood is expensive and difficult to maintain but is so fresh and elegant. On the other hand, aluminum and vinyl are less costly, easy to clean, and modern.

No material is better or worse than their counterparts. It all depends on your home beautification preferences, cleaning and maintenance habits, and budget. To help you decide on design and figure out costs, there are many informative pages at doubleglazing-pro.co.uk

Choosing Your Window Type for a Porch