Prices for New & Replacement Boilers

As there are many incentives, both financial and in terms of home comfort, for getting a new boiler, you should look at A guide for boiler replacement from

In terms of information, you are going to be able to distinguish which boiler type can suit you property and st the same time get a good idea of the likely costs involved in replacing your old boiler. It also pays to read what is there because you may be thinking of getting a cheap boiler and that could be a problem.

If you have an idea that you can fit a certain type at a low cost and then find out that because your water demands at home are high at certain periods of the day, the one you were thinking about at that low price is just not going to be able to do the job properly.

When you get enough info from Local Boiler Quotes, you can then request free written quotes.

What Type of Home Boiler is best for my home?

New Boiler PricesReplacing Your Hot Water Boiler is something that most owners of older properties will need to do at some point, although they do last for many years if regularly serviced.

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Types of replacement boiler.

If you look at the most popular hot water & central heating systems, you will probably see that there are a few names that crop up –

• Combi Boilers
• System Boilers
• Condenser boilers
• Gravity Fed
• Direct supply

In most cases you can readily generalise which one would suit you based on the size & occupancy of your home.
Combi are most suited to smaller homes and work best when there is not a huge demand on hot water from several taps at the same time – they produce instant hot water and are very efficient, probably the simplest to install with the lowest cost

System boilers are better for larger houses, they use a tank and take a little time to deliver hot water thru the tap, but can cope with heavy demands such as using showers, bath & central heating at the same time.

Virtually all new boilers are condenser types as this refers to how the device reclaims & recycles heat to make the system efficient (up to 90%)

Gravity fed means the water supply comes from a tank in the loft and direct supply get their water piped in straight from the mains supply & do not need a loft tank.

Guide to Replacement or New Boiler Prices