uPVC Conservatories as home extensions

We are experienced suppliers and installers of conservatories with years of expertise in the uPVC industry, helping you acquire the best conservatory for your property.

We supply uPVC conservatories in Burnley and the surrounding areas, effortlessly taking care of the installation process, from supplying the unit up until the handover. So, whether you’re interested in getting an auxiliary living space or you’re looking for a sheltering spot for gardening, we can help you select and install the perfect uPVC conservatories.

Our company offers custom designs comprising a wide array of styles and eye-catching touches, so you can have conservatories built to suit your unique requirements.

Conservatories versus greenhouses

 Extending with a ConservatoryLooking into conservatories you may notice a certain resemblance to greenhouses, prompting the following question to pop in mind: what are the actual differences between conservatories and greenhouses? And what are the added benefits of conservatories over the latter?

By visualizing the two, you can see that whilst greenhouses are strictly utilitarian, conservatories serve as auxiliary living environments. The latter are also furnished and contain design elements which can also be found in your home. Nonetheless, conservatories can serve as greenhouses, although most growing plants are simply for décor purposes rather than representing a time-consuming hobby/trade. Greenhouses, on the other hand, are solely intended to sustain plants, and lack comfort-promoting items or furniture.

Another thing which both conservatories and greenhouses have in common is their property to capture sunlight in order to enhance warmth. These constructions are designed to let the sun’s rays shine through, yet a conservatory is definitely better insulated, with a more stable temperature as compared with a greenhouse. And even though the latter can be equipped with heating and ventilation systems, conservatories are perceived as an essential part of a household structure, having the potential to regulate even the temperature of nearby rooms.

Conservatories make for a wise option to gardening enthusiasts considering the extreme weather conditions nowadays. Last years turned out to be quite perilous for property owners attempting to grow outdoors, and conservatories not only allow them to perform their gardening hobbies, but also protect both people and plants against the furious forces of nature.

Conservatory Pro believe that if you’re looking for some multi-purpose extra-space, you should turn your attention towards conservatories. And if you do fancy the idea of getting a conservatory, you need to ask yourself the following question: what is the purpose of extending your home through a conservatory? Is it for your own comfort? The one of your plants, or both? And if you do wish a conservatory that would suit a variety of purposes, what are your priorities? To have your own little oasis or enjoy growing plants in your spare time?

Answering these questions will determine what kind of conservatory you should be after. After all, if you’re planning on using the conservatory mainly for gardening purposes, carpets must exit the picture, and you should consider the possibility of getting a tiled floor and include a drain.

Another issue you need to take into account is the level of ventilation. What may adhere to your rules of comfort may not be suitable for your plants and vice versa.

Home Extending with a Conservatory