If you’ve every experienced fogged window panes,

then you know how frustrating it is to keep them looking clean. But no matter how hard you scrub, what chemicals you use or how often you use them, the fogging window won’t go away. That’s because the fogged glass is on the inside of the window.

When double paned windows lose their weatherproofing seal, they often leak. If even the minutest of water vapor is allowed to accumulate between the panes, fungus growth can result, causing the interior of the window pane to fog up. Use these simple methods for fixing fogged windows and save yourself the hassle of scrubbing and cleaning windows that won’t come clean.

Installing a New Window

The simplest and easiest way to fix a fogged window pane is by installing a new window. In most cases, if the window is fogging, it’s because the seal between the two panes have been compromised and needs to be replaced to achieve maximum energy efficiency. Be sure to call a licensed and insured window replacement specialist to get the job done according to local and state building codes.

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Installing a New Pane

Window PanesOnce a window has become fogged, it’s because the primary seal between the panes has been compromised. When that happens, it not only can cause window panes to fog, it also ensures that your double paned glass window isn’t going to stop the outdoor elements from entering your home. Loss of energy efficiency, air leaks and even water intrusion can all result. Repair fogged window panes by removing the old single/double hung pane and replacing it with a new pane. You’ll save big bucks on replacing the entire window and fix the fogged panes for good.

Replacing the Old Glass

In some cases, you can replace one of the double panes with a new piece of glass. Typically the exterior pane is removed, the inside of the glass is cleaned and sealed, and then a new piece of glass is then installed. All of the old seals on the exterior must be replaced, or else you’ll have the same problems all over again.

Using Vinegar

One of the oldest tricks in the book. By soaking the window pane in distilled white vinegar, you can quickly and permanently kill all of the bacteria, mold and fungus growth between window panes using good old fashioned vinegar. Remove the old window pane and soak it in vinegar overnight. Remove the window and let it drain/dry for a few days. Be sure to repair the old seal around the glass pane, or else you’re going to have the same problems all over again.


One method that’s being employed more frequently is drilling and injection. A small hole (2mm or less) is drilled into the glass pane. A cleaning fluid is injected in between the windows and allowed to take effect before draining. Once the cleaning fluid has ventilated, the hole is filled. This method can sometimes work when older windows are in place in an antique home and replacing the old windows with new windows will upset the architectural appeal.

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How to Fix Fogged Window Panes