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Local Quotes & Prices But what exactly is uPVC and how is it different compared to other window materials like PVC and aluminium? And what about the benefits of uPVC windows? What makes uPVC the ideal material for YOUR windows?

uPVC stands for un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride, a chemically resistant and rigid form of polyvinyl chloride used in manufacturing structures like window frames, conservatories, door frames, piping and more.

When it comes to window frames, the preference for utilising uPVC is explained by the weather-resistant and energy-efficient properties of this material. uPVC doesn’t decompose, its shape remains unchanged under regular weather conditions, but it can be altered at high temps, making it recyclable. In addition, uPVC is sunlight, chemical and water resistant, and thus it doesn’t rust, rot, corrode or warp.

uPVC windows require minimal maintenance, their smooth, pristine appearance being effortlessly ensured by cleaning the windows every now and then using a mild detergent solution.

The profile of uPVC windows has been especially created to endure the harsh climate of nowadays, being remarkably resistant to UV rays and powerful impacts

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