uPVC doors for your home

uPVC doors have a more contemporary aesthetic than wooden doors and are widely sought after for a number of reasons. First of all, uPVC doors are less pricey than solid wood doors, and they also require little maintenance, being extremely resistant to wear and tear. They’re also better thermal insulators and they do not change shape in normal weather conditions.

Wooden doors

Traditional doors made of wood and solid wood mixtures have been used since forever, yet the natural appearance, familiarity and simplicity of these doors keep losing points in favour of more durable and resilient materials of doors like uPVC.

Composite doors

Nonetheless, the quality of composite doors, even cheap upvc bifold doors, is superior to both of the above-mentioned materials simply because the use of a singular raw material promotes certain flaws that pertain to both wooden and uPVC doors.

Exterior Entrance DoorsThe design of composite doors is thus not limited to a single material, hence excluding classic issues and boasting of an unparalleled strength and durability that makes this type of doors increasingly popular amongst property owners.

Composite doors come with a new manufacturing approach, being made of a mixture of materials especially selected for their high advantages in order to exclude the flaws associated with traditional materials. This material combo makes them extremely resistant to breakage and weathering, they’re less prone to damages following seasonal changes and they’re also great insulators, having amazing thermal resistance due to their insulating foam core.

If you’re not willing to compromise the classic and natural wooden aspect in favour of a more modern appearance, do note there are composite doors especially designed to resemble the aesthetic of a wooden door, but with the added benefits of the materials used in their manufacturing process.

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